At Sun Healthy Home™ we pride ourselves in our work and have many happy customers. Read below some of their experiences.

We were concerned about harmful particulates and allergens in our air, plus the foul odor and taste from chlorine and chloramines in our water. We chose the Super V™ and the Super One™ to solve these problems. We love the results, the quality and the simplicity. Thank you Sun Healthy Home™.

Kevin Rose and Gray Thomas

Building Inspector and Potter, Jupiter, FL

Before installing the Sun Healthy water filter, we used to limit our son’s time in the shower. Now knowing the water is clean and virtually chemical- free, he is allowed to take as long of a shower as he would like. We wouldn’t live without it.

Gunnsteinn and Chelsey Steinarsson

Doctor of Chiropractic & Nurse, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

We started with the Sun Healthy Whole House Water Filter and have since eliminated our kitchen reverse osmosis system. Now filtering water as it enters our home, our eyes no longer burn in the shower and we can drink and cook with the water out of any faucet in the house. We appreciate that the water filter is maintenance-free and backwashes itself. We have since added the Super V™ and Super Luxe™ for air cleaning to our home. Fresh clean air and water have improved the quality of our home environment.

Richard and Victoria LaBelle

Aerospace Engineer & Marketing Professional, North Palm Beach, FL

I was concerned about the health of my kids. The chlorine can be harsh at times. Two years later my Sun Healthy whole House water filter continues to protect my family.

Michael Navaroli

Inlet Plumbing, Tequesta, FL

We have had the Sun Healthy whole house water filter for over three years now and love our water. We also have the Super Luxe™ portable air cleaner in our bedroom. We can’t tell you what a difference good water and air has made in our lives.

Billy and Gina Weinstock

Water Expert & Business Manager, Hobe Sound, FL

After we experienced a free chlorine burn by the city water utility in late 2018, we were motivated to research various options to protect our family from not only the free chlorine but also other chemical products and byproducts such as chloramines, haloacetic acids, and others. Of the various options on the market, we found that Sun Healthy Home’s SuperOne and its technology was the best filtration system for us. Upon installation, the previously high levels of chloramine were basically undetectable (substantiated by before & after water testing), and the quality of water it produced was just as we had hoped and expected. The water has since been consistently soft and has consistently smelled and tasted clean over the past year of using the system, and it has needed zero maintenance. Our guests have also been pleased. We recommend this system as it combines all of the right technology and produces the desired results.

Jason L.

Engineer, Port St. Lucie, Florida