Water Solutions

Enjoy pure clean water. Protect your family from harsh effects of chlorine and toxic chemicals. Extend the life of your hot water heater and fixtures by removing lime scale.

It is best to clean and filter all your water is as it enters your home with a “whole house” tank filter. Sun Healthy Home™ water tank filters provides a large volume of filter media and extended contact time with your water to do the best job of removing toxins. This system eliminates the need for under-counter systems and showerhead filters with better performance.

Sun Healthy Home™ uses state-of-the-art carbons to remove chlorine, ammonia, chloramines and other toxins. KDF® media removes heavy metals and prevents growth of bacteria. NaturalSof™ scale prevention technology breaks up lime scale and washes it out as lime powder. Lime scale collects in plumbing and fixtures, plus reduces the efficiency of hot water heaters.

You can accomplish all this without complicated and expensive water softening and reverse osmosis (RO) systems. There are legitimate uses for complicated and expensive softening and RO technologies but they generally are overkill, complicated and may even have undesirable effect with municipal water.